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Christmas is fast approaching… And if you’re anything like me, wanting to find the perfect presents without battling rabid crowds of holiday shoppers, the advent of online shopping is an absolute godsend.

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You could be like one of my sisters, who hardly bothers to give me human gifts anymore. These days, she just gifts me with much-appreciated Nylabones and dog treats. If that’s the case and you’re looking for presents suitable for the Collies themselves, (or other dogs), see this post I put together specifically for Collie-approved toys or this post about Collie-vetted pet products in general.

An adorable little girl stands on a holiday-bedecked porch, with her blue merle Collie close at her side.
Always together – Chance and Eli James. PC: @jena_tomer (Instagram)

Maybe you’re shopping for the people, not just their pets. Whether you need gift ideas for a Collie breed fancier or are creating a wish list so others can buy you your favorite products (as my mother does for my father every Christmas), some of these suggestions could be just the ticket.

How bad is it?

Before picking the perfect Collie-themed product, determine what level of Collie fan you are buying for. For instance, a mere Collie admirer may be best matched with something fairly low-key, an item that advertises their interest in the breed as a whole. They love Collies, sure, but they’re not frothing at the mouth about it.

Head shot of a snow-frosted Icelandic sable and white Collie.
Leó on the lookout for the 13 Icelandic yule lads! Photo Credit: Einar Örn

If you’re shopping for a Collie fanatic however, someone as addicted to Collies as the Cookie Monster is to cookies, whose eyes gleam with all the fervor of a zealot when they discuss their chosen breed – then you can take your gifting up a notch. Because those people, my friend, will be more than happy to proudly wear or otherwise publicly display their Collie mania… I mean, enthusiasm.

For the Casual Admirer

Options for the truly Collie-obsessed will be displayed near the bottom of this post, but this first section presents items suited for any Collie lover, regardless of their level of attachment to the breed.

Beautiful sable and white Collie wearing a Santa hat at a rakish angle, sitting before a well-lit Christmas tree.
PC: Melissa Christianson. Instagram model @Benson_the_collie


A keychain is the perfect, inexpensive trinket to let someone know you thought about them and their unique interests. This leather fob Collie keychain comes in several color choices. However, if you don’t mind paying more for it, there is a nice, stainless steel, handcrafted Scotch Collie option with a lifetime warranty.

Freya from Wisconsin, USA. PC: Taylor Buch


 Everyone has a fridge – unless you’re buying for an Amish friend – hence, everyone can use magnets like this classic Lassie one. I received (another) Collie magnet as a Christmas present last year, and I happily added it to my eclectic collection. To me, a well-decorated fridge makes a kitchen that much more homey. Strong stance, I know.

Sable and white Collie seated on a bench next to a Santa Claus statue, posing before a Christmas tree.
Dakota and Santa. Photo credit: Dale Webb


A calendar is a classic, useful gift when you’re not sure what to get someone. Enter this 2020 Collie wall calendar available from Amazon. (Gotta love that 2-day Prime shipping, especially if you’re a procrastinator like me). It features lovely Rough Collies of both American and European stock.

If you want to support a good cause, the Southland Collie Rescue has several Collie calendars to choose from, as well as a variety of Collie-themed products like clothing, blankets, phone cases, stationery, posters, etc. Some of the Southland Collie Rescue’s products, calendars included, also feature the occasional Smooth Collie or cute Collie mix.

Holiday photo op with one black Lab mix amongst 2 Rough Collies and 2 Smooth Collies.
Top to bottom, L to R: Deeds, Skye, Lyra, Gir, and D’Argo. PC: Borealis Dog Wear

Perhaps you’re looking for an exclusively Smooth Collie calendar. As usual, they are not as common as the Roughs. I was able to find this Smoothie calendar on Amazon… from Germany. (I follow several Instagram accounts of good-looking German Smooth Collies, which seem fairly popular there.)

Lassie DVDs

For those who grew up watching Lassie or who just revel in the nostalgia of that time period, consider buying this  $10 set of 4 Lassie films on DVD, or even this set of 3 Christmas episodes from the long-running, popular TV show. And if you want to splurge on someone who really loves Lassie, why not get them this 50th anniversary TV collection?

A Lassie lookalike seated in front of a wooden door with a Christmas wreath on it.
Joyful Jenna. Photo credit: Kelley Nelson


As an absolute nerd when it comes to both Collies and reading, I have lots of suggestions for this one! Of course, I grew up reading Lassie Come Home, the book that made Collies famous. Naturally, I also read the Albert Payson Terhune books about his popular Sunnybank Collies, and some, like the evergreen, landmark novel Lad: A Dog are available in reprints as well as a Kindle edition.

If you want the classic collector’s items in original or vintage editions, there are usually plenty of both Lassie and Terhune books available from online stores through Amazon, Ebay, or Abe Books, which is “best known for offering used, rare and out-of-print books.”

Sable and white Collie wearing reindeer antlers.
The cutest little reindeer! PC: Julie C. Bond of P.E.T.S.

In my local Collie Club, one of the ladies likes to bring in these mystery novels that feature Collies for our “dirty Santa” gift exchange. (For those who haven’t played: your gift can be yoinked and exchanged for another by someone who covets it, and you usually end up leaving with a different gift than the one you originally received.) I have not personally read these books yet; but since they usually end up being fought over, they are now on my reading list.


Most of us know at least one collector of knick-knacks and bric-a-brac (hey, we can’t all be minimalists), and a lover of Collies usually appreciates a tasteful Collie figurine, or in this case, Collie candle topper. I’ve been gifted with several Collie miniatures down through the years, to the extent that a friend jokingly referred to the shelf I display them on as my “Collie shrine.”

Alert blue merle Collie lying on the floor before a lighted Christmas tree.
TirNaNog Sweet Molly Malone (RA, BN, CGC) waiting for Santa. PC: Renee Coy

Do you know a child who loves Collies, or someone in a household with young children where a fragile item wouldn’t possibly survive long? Here’s a more durable Collie toy designed to stand up to imaginative playtime.


Festive figurine on a string. Perfect. A good friend and blog reader already gave me a Collie ornament this year. Well, actually, the card said “To Gus.” I showed it to Sir Gustav, and he was most pleased – probably because he considered himself more handsome than the ornament, thus satisfying his ego. (As if he needed an ego boost, exceedingly vain creature that he is.)

Tricolor Smooth Collie, blue merle Rough Collie, and sable Smooth Collie all sitting in a row wearing holdiay scarves.
Photo op at the groomer! Submitted by: Heather Lenz

I tried to find items featuring tricolor Collies, without much success. However, I did find a Christmas ornament with a tricolor Collie riding a sleigh. I know tris don’t get much representation, but hey, it’s something.

Plush Toy

Equally ideal for children or as a bedtop display item, consider this stuffed toy. (Your pardon, Australians, as I know “stuffed” has a connotation in your country.) The product description says “Sheltie,” but honestly, who’s going to know that? Besides, the actual “Collie” soft toys were pretty homely.

2 Smooth Collies and 1 Rough Collie (all sables) seated in front of an old, rustic red wagon.
Collies in the snow, lined up in a row… PC: Kathleen Pirro

I had one of these for a long time, and Sir Gustav considered it his mini me, carrying it around and even using it as a pillow. Until I got Yoshi, the bringer of puppy destruction…


Mugs, as we all know, are right up there with calendars and candles for generic gifts that are sure to say, “I may not have really known what you wanted for Christmas, but I definitely tried.” This is America. We are a nation of coffee-drinkers (and sometimes tea). I love this mug, in particular, as the illustration looks like the old type of farm or Scottish Collie.

A sable and white Collie puppy and tricolor adult Collie lying next together, draped in Christmas lights.
Regulus (tricolor) and Vega (sable) all aglow! PC: Katie Johnson

Looking for something a little fancier? This Libbey pint glass with a Rough Collie etched onto the surface may be just the thing!


As a known writer, I am frequently gifted with notebooks: but they aren’t just for us writers. They’re useful for note taking or for people who like to journal about their thoughts, feelings, and daily doings. Here’s a notebook with a Collie on the cover that was a gift I have really enjoyed.

Blue merle Collie seated in an armchair, posed in front of a Christmas tree.
Evie, TDI Therapy Dog, at Yankee Candle Factory. Photo credit: Amber Krueger

In a similar line, this cute Collie planner can also make a nice gift for an organized person – or for a disorganized person desperately attempting to structure their life a little more.

For the Hopeless Addict

Again, any of the gifts from the previous section will do for any level of Collie fanatic, but here are some more suggestions in case you want to go above and beyond for someone on the “devoted acolyte” end of the Collie-loving spectrum. Wearable items are listed first, followed by decor and other categories.

A couple stands outside on a snowy winter's night in a lane aglow with lighted trees, holding a Merry Christmas sign and posing with their 2 sable Collies.
Champ and Marley from New York, USA. Submitted by: Cheryl Cimino


Yes, I have a Collie necklace. Two, in fact. Yes, I may have purchased them both for myself; but the sad fact is, if someone gave me a third Collie necklace – I’d wear that one, too. Here’s a good option sure to charm Collie lovers and start conversations with people who want to know if you’re into Border Collies or Australian Shepherds. (A perfect opportunity for those of us all too happy to educate the general public on the glories of the Rough Collie, commonly known as “Lassie dogs” to the uninitiated.)

Sable and white Collie posing with Santa and wearing a Santa hat just like his hero.
Skylar says “Happy Coli-days!”
PC: Laura Dejmek

However, if you don’t mind spending a little more for better quality material, this store offers personalized engraving on their Collie pendants, which would be a very nice touch for someone who has that special heart dog, or in memoriam for a beloved dog who has gone over the rainbow bridge.


Personally, I wonder why more people don’t wear pins as acessories. They look dashing on a coat lapel, and they’re fairly gender-neutral. Anyway, here’s a Collie pin (or tie tack) for those so inclined. I appreciate that it looks more like a Collie button for those who prefer the round look to a cut-out or silhouette.


For my last birthday, my sister Molly gave me a T-shirt that says, “I just freaking love Rough Collies, okay?” I wore it to my Collie Club gathering and posted pictures of myself wearing it on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, each time receiving compliments and inquiries as to where it came from. So here you go, everyone: a direct link so you can purchase your own lovely Collie swag. Enjoy!

A sable and white Collie wearing reindeer antlers and a vest that says
PC: @colliecrusader (Instagram and Twitter) has the most delightful outfits!

As seasonally appropriate, there is also a Christmas T-shirt (Southerners, say hey!) and a pretty great “Warm Snuggles and Rough Collie CuddlesChristmas sweatshirt available, complete with reindeer and Collie silhouettes. And here’s one that even features a blue merle Collie as well as sable and whites!


People in the 40s and 50s had it figured out, my friends. Hats were all the rage, and sometimes – especially on bad hair days – I wish they still were. Alas that I was born several decades too late! But that doesn’t stop me from wearing hats (clearly, I’m not overly concerned with social trends), and at least baseball caps are still generally socially acceptable in a casual setting. Ladies, get your pink Collie caps here, and men (or women who want a more neutral color), here’s a mesh-back option that also appears to display a sable merle Collie!


Who wants some boot socks with Collies on them? The design appears to be the same sable merle Collie as on the hats, and I’m okay with that. Sable merle Collies don’t usually get much attention!

A blue-eyed sable merle romps through the snow with a gleeful expression, while a stately tricolor stands in the background gazing at the landscape.
Sky, sable merle, and Simon, tricolor. Photo credit: Jessica New

Custom Embroidery

I love the nearly unlimited customization Patswork Designs offers with their products. This is perfect for someone who wants an item featuring a Smooth Collie or any of the harder-to-find Collie colors – which is any color besides sable. Here’s Pat’s description of what their family-operated shop offers:

“Because we are Collie owners ourselves, we have over 200 Collie embroidery designs for Agility, Obedience, Conformation, Herding, Rally, and ‘best friends’. All designs can be personalized with your name, your dog’s name, or your kennel name.
A collage showing 4 Collie embroidery designs: Smooth Collie profile outline, Rally sable merle Rough Collie, sable Rough and blue Smooth with a sheep herd, blue merle Rough.
Many other color and even breed options available.
We can customize a design from your artwork, or create your logo in stitches. Otherwise, please tell us what you are looking for (Rough/Smooth, color of dog, performance category, or just for fun) and we will send pictures of designs that fit.”

Coloring Book

A coloring book filled with fabulous Collies is a great gift for a child or adult who adores Collies and needs some art therapy time. Buy this particular product, and you’ll also be supporting a wonderful, independent artist. If you’re on Instagram and aren’t following @artmongoose yet, please do so. Some of my favorite Instagram Collies are also featured in “Collies to Color.”


There are plenty of Collie decals or car magnets to be found on Amazon, but if you would like to support a small business over a giant corporation, purchase Collie silhouette vinyl decals from Paula Clairday of Stornoway Collies and Corgis. Her stickers are perfect for laptops, windows, cars, etc. Plus, they’re waterproof, won’t leave residue, and start at just $10. I love that she offers them in a variety of colors, sizes, and even other breed options.

A photo collage showing sticker designs for both Smooth and Rough Collies, as well as a few of the color choices (black, white, purple, blue, green, etc.)

Remember, as one Internet meme I saw recently pointed out, billionaire Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, is not hurting for funds, and it’s the small and local business owners who truly appreciate every sale made.

Festive Flag

A garden flag featuring a Rough Collie in the snow wearing a Santa hat? Yes, please! What better way to welcome someone to your Collie-crazy abode – and simultaneously warn them of the dog hair that is to come?

In this most commercial time of year, I wish you a shopping season as stress-free as it can be, and most importantly, a lovely, safe time with family and friends! Kiss those Collies, hug those humans, sip that egg nog, and have a merry Christmas, Chanuka, or Kwanza, as the case may be. Cheers, everyone!

A lovely, old style Scotch Collie wearing a "Happy New Year" hat.
Royals Ciara of Colonial Old Time Scotch Collies. PC: Lara Sullivan

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