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Hello, my friends with spoiled, rotten Collies! I doubt I’m the only one who has given their picky Collies countless toys, only to watch them play with the cardboard box the toys came in.

collies enjoy shredding cardboard
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Video Description: Our Collies enjoy shredding cardboard.

I consulted with my Rough Collie, Yoshi, who explained that movement, noise, and texture are key components of toy selection. Before purchasing any toys, she suggests asking these Collie Criteria questions:

*Acceptable alternative sounds can include crinkling, honking, and rattling.

So, Yoshi and her team of Quality Control Collies would like to present some toys that met with their approval.

Here are our top 20 most recommended toys for Collies:

Soft Dog Toys

Cleaning up toy remains may not be much fun for us humans, but I (usually) consider the joy it brought my canines to be worth it.

With Stuffing

If your dogs are like mine and just rip the stuffing out without ingesting it, then plush toys shouldn’t pose an internal blockage risk. Often I just buy cheap toys from Dollar Tree, but I have found some soft toys my dogs will not harm.


Lamb Chop Plush

We had a few owners reach out and say that Lamb Chop is a personal favorite for their Collies who are into soft toys. My Aussie mix has three! I call them “her babies” since they are the only plush toys Freckles won’t eventually demolish: she will even count them until she’s sure all three are together.

Collies at play...

Chess, (“Lost Creek Found in the Night”) from Massachusetts, USA loves her Lamb Chop! PC: Cynthia Labrecque

A sable and white Collie lovingly holds a Lamb Chop plush toy in her mouth.

Squeaky Plush Caterpillar

This caterpillar toy is a veritable cornucopia of delight. With a squeaker in each segment and its ability to double as a tug toy, it has universal Collie appeal. Just ask Jake; your Collie won’t be disappointed. (Yoshi also has a similar snake toy that is her pride and joy.)

Collies at play...

@colliejake (the star of a favorite Instagram account) with his beloved caterpillar

Tricolor (black, white, and tan) Collie Jake standing outside with his favorite caterpillar toy.

Without Stuffing

No-stuffing toys are great for Collies who love tug toys but have a habit of spreading stuff and fluff all over the house. If your Collie refuses to leave plush toys intact for any length of time or actually eats the filling, they can be an absolute waste of money and even a health hazard. Try these stuffing-free options instead.


Skinny Peltz

These toys are a great option, especially because Amazon offers them in an affordable three-pack! The large size has three squeakers per toy. For whatever reason, my dogs don’t feel the need to remove squeakers if they aren’t surrounded by stuffing.  

Collies at play...

Yoshi quality tests a Skinny Peltz for tug potential.

Yoshi, a sable and white Rough Collie, is lying on the ground tugging on a stuffing-free dog toy.


Skinneez offer a wide range of critters to select from. I’m not sure if your Collie really cares whether they’re playing with a giraffe, squirrel, or fox, but I do know they make for cute photos.

Most variations of the toy contain at least one squeaky. If your dog is more into crinkling noises, there are options for that, too!

collies play with crinkle dog toy 2
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Video Description: Yoshi and Gus playing with crinkly no-stuffing toy.

Tug Dog Toys

I’ve yet to meet a Collie (Rough or Smooth) that doesn’t love an occasional tug battle. Yoshi routinely brings me a tug toy when she feels that I’ve been stationary for too long, and even Gus – my lazier Collie – will rise to the tug-o’-war challenge.

For Two

A classic dollar store rope tug will do in a pinch, but I’ve found that my Collies prefer tugs that have a little more to offer.


ZippyPaws Squeaky Monkey Rope Tug

This two-handled, squeaky monkey tug is perfect for a dog-on-human tug battle! (Or dog-on-dog, as Yoshi and Gustav love to battle it out together.)

Collies at play...

Noble and Valor from West Virginia, USA enjoying their favorite game, Tug Rope! Submitted by Linda Rippeon

Noble and Valor from West Virginia

Frisco Rope with Squeaking Barrel

Here’s a tougher tug – still with squeakability – if your pup is a powerhouse. We have another version of this toy with a squeaky ball and a loop on one end. It lasted a long time, until we had some pit bull friends over to play!  

For Multiple

If you have more than one dog, you seriously need to invest in some good tugs. Let your dogs entertain themselves!


GoDog Crazy Tug

Tug toys with multiple ends (five on this toy) to grab onto are fantastic, especially if they are textured. Mr. Monkey is great for a group game. It’s truly enjoyable to sit on the couch and watch the dogs pull each other around the living room – no human input needed! 

Toys for Fetching (or Chasing)

Let’s be real: Collies are herding dogs, so they sometimes abandon interest with things you throw. Once an object stops, so does their desire to chase it.

However, some cat-like Collies will actually bat at non-moving objects to get them rolling again. Others will carry things around in their mouths. If you’re really lucky, they’ll even bring a toy back so you can toss it again! (Or maybe not so lucky. Yoshi is actually in the return-the-item category, and my arm tires pretty quickly.)


You may be thinking that Frisbees are typically associated with Border Collies, the more hyperactive cousins, but it’s not just any frisbee that “Lassie” Collies and Smooth Collies like. No, Collies are into frisbees with holes in them! In some cases, it’s not the fetching that is enticing, but having a hole just big enough for their needle noses.


Chuckit Frisbee

This Chuckit frisbee is marketed for visibility and durability, yet the material is ideal for soft-mouthed Collies. As modeled by Circe below, it can also be worn as an accessory.

Collies at play...

Circe recommends “snooter-friendly” discs. PC: J Lynn McGregor

Chuckit Frisbees are a snooter-friendly toy a Collie can wear as an accessory.

Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer

Nerf’s take on the frisbee is made from a lightweight material that actually floats, so it’s perfect for beach days. Also, it has more of a typical frisbee structure with a curved edge for better grip when throwing.

Collies at play...

Matilda thinks any frisbee with a hole is the best frisbee ever! PC: Ford Killeen

Matilda thinks any frisbee with a hole is the best frisbee ever!

Balls, Balls, Balls

Tennis balls never survive long around here, so I’ve had to find alternatives. My Collies don’t give a fig for most balls unless they squeak. If they also light up, bounce well, or have an intriguing texture – these are bonuses.


Hol-ee Roller Ball

My female Collie, Yoshi, loves these balls, and she’s not alone. Taio agrees, they are truly fun! These specific balls are great because they’ll roll and bounce, but your dog can get a good grip and play tug as well. Yoshi loves any ball that she can really sink her teeth into and my male Collie, Gustav, loves to challenge her.

Collies at play...

Taio from Denmark. Submitted by: Sylvia Bussing

A sable and white Collie bouncing higher than his ball.

Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball

Yoshi has a squeaky, bouncy Chuckit ball that fits nicely into a corresponding Chuckit thrower/launcher, but some dogs prefer larger playthings. Jake is one such Collie, and he’s here to tell you about it.

These Kick Fetch balls are fantastic for so many reasons! They float. They give dogs a better grip. They have a random bounce pattern. There’s even a “glow” color option available for nighttime play. What’s not to love?

Collies at play...

Jake asking for his giant ball to be thrown again!

Jake, a tricolor Collie, is standing in front of his ball, barking until it is thrown.

Soccer Balls

Sometimes you can’t beat an old classic. Whether it’s herding instincts or the desire to attack something big enough to be proud of yet small enough to kick around themselves, Collies love soccer balls! 

Now we all know Collies can be particular about their textures – so here are some recommended soccer balls:


Jolly Pets Soccer Ball

This Jolly Ball is pet-specific, made in the USA, guaranteed not to deflate, and it even floats. Added benefits include size and color options (two of which are scented). Definitely a winner.

Collies at play...

Titus from Pioneer Scottish Collies in South Dakota, USA PC: Denise Maher

Titus from Pioneer Scottish Collies in South Dakota

ZippyPaws SportsBallz Soccer Ball

If your Collie prefers a softer material, the ZippyPaws soccer ball is made to order. It may look like an ordinary soccer ball, but it is much more compressible. Plus, it squeaks!

Puzzle Toys

Some puzzle toys are exceptions to the general Collie Trifecta (noisy, tuggable, and shreddable) of requirements. They’re definitely ideal for those higher-intelligence Collies who get bored with your average dog toy.

Hide and Seek Plush Puzzles

There are a few different versions of this, but the basic idea is a soft, squishy piece with holes in it to contain tiny, adorable creatures. Whether your Collie is a small-creature protector or predator, they’ll love these interactive, unique brain-teasers.


Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle

These “hide and squeak” squirrels – ground squirrels I assume, since they look more like chipmunks – are sure to provide lots of entertainment. The toy is available in three sizes, and you can also choose from bees, birds, or hedgehogs.

Collies at play...

Titus loves to remove his chipmunks and carry them around! PC: Denise Maher

Titus loves to remove the chipmunks and carry them around!

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Flying Saucer

Once again, same concept… but sci-fi. This puzzle toy comes with six squeaky “martians” to stuff into the flying saucer and hide from your pooch, and Chewy also gives you the option to buy replacement aliens if the originals get lost or shredded.

Treat Dispensers

Treat dispensers are a blessing from heaven. You can sit back and take a break while your dog goes ham. Collies love to be challenged, so this is a great way to give them mental stimulation and rewards at the same time.

There are too many different kinds to go through them all, but I’ve listed a few of my dogs’ favorites and taken notes from our Collie friends. These can range from simple to complex. Pick one that you think your Collie can enjoy, not get frustrated with.


StarMark Bob-A-Lot

They boop: it bobs – and goodies are released! Here is an uncomplicated puzzle toy that is especially suited for introducing young puppies to brain games.


Outward Hound Tornado Puzzle

This is how Freckles gets her kibble at mealtimes. It works great in place of a slow feeder to keep her from making herself sick, and she seems to enjoy working for her food. Once your dog masters the Tornado by itself, you can add in the bone-shaped covers later for a next-level challenge.

collies eating from tornado puzzle thumb
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Video Description: Freckles and Yoshi eating treats from Tornado.


Interactive Slow Feeding Puzzle

I like this one for its versatility. The base was designed to double as a slow feeder, and the height can be adjusted to suit the size of your dog. Being both nose and paw friendly, even some cats reportedly find it amusing. (And, like many Collie owners, chances are you are also caretaker of a spoiled cat.)


Trixie Activity Flip Board Strategy Game

This is exactly the sort of advanced puzzle to keep your brainy Collie occupied! Note: this is beyond beginner level, so perhaps not the best puzzle toy for a first-time player.

Pro Tip


Toilet Paper or Craft Rolls

Does your Collie love paper products but simply refuse to play with toys like a normal canine? Try this awesome life hack! Wiley’s “pawrents” got smart and put toilet paper rolls on his neglected toys, and suddenly they became of interest. Genius! (I am truly astounded these are available on Amazon. I’m cheap: so I just save rolls from toilet paper, paper towels, and wrapping paper for my dogs.)

Collies at play...

Wiley discovering his toys can be fun after all!

Wiley, a tricolor Collie, playing with a soft toy now that it is wearing toilet paper rolls on its legs.

Happy Spooky Season, everyone! Have a fun and safe Halloween. Please enjoy this bonus video of our dogs playing with their latest toy, gifted by a friendly reader of the blog. It is both squishy and squeaky, so of course Yoshi was delighted.

collies play with new halloween dog toy
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Video Description: Our Collies playing with a new Halloween toy.

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