About Collie Chatter

We're on a mission, spreading our love and adoration for Collies around the world.

The Inspiration

emily chey and gus

I first encountered a Collie by reading a Little Golden Book called “Lassie and Her Day in the Sun.” A lifelong love affair was born.

At the age of 9, I sold boxes of chocolate bars to buy my first Rough Collie, and I’ve never been without one since. I’m on Collies number 5 and 6 now. Other dogs and animals have come and gone, but Collies remain my constant.

One of my current Collies (Gus) is in training to be my mobility support dog. The other (Yoshi) is in training to be a professional nuisance. My third dog (Freckles) is a rescued Australian Shepherd mix that looks enough like a Collie to confuse people. We also have a cat who tolerates us.

Collie Chatter is a place to share stories, share photos, and explore information about this wonderful breed. My hope is that this hobby blog of mine will grow to be a place for Collie lovers to gather and chatter about our mutual obsession.

Member of: Greater Jacksonville Collie Club

- Emily Sowulewski

The Dogs

My dogs work everyday magic by helping me get out of my own head and enjoy the little, lovely things to which I’m too often oblivious. A writer’s job can be a lonely one, but my three pups keep me from becoming too isolated and preoccupied. They’re more than companions; they’re my daily therapy.

The Writing

I am consistantly fascinated by what dogs can do and inspired by how they help humans, so I hope anyone who reads something I write also comes away thinking, “Yeah, dogs are amazing.” Many people have a favorite breed or type of dog, and I’ve fallen particularly hard for the versatile Collie, and can’t stop writing about them. 

The Team

A few years ago, during a struggling time, a team was born. Gerry, a digital designer, and Cheyanne, my best friend, joined forces with me to create and breathe life into Collie Chatter. We work extremely well together and I couldn’t imagine ever getting this far without them. Thanks guys!

The Heartfelt Feedback