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  • Fun

    The Dog Poem

    I like a dog at my feet when I read, Whatever his size or whatever his breed. A dog now and then that will nuzzle my hand As though I were…

  • Training Runa Collie Dog

    Collie At Your Service

    Overcoming Obstacles When Kyndyl started looking into getting a service dog to help with his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), he found that it was going to be very difficult since…

  • Rough Collie Grooming Tools

    Rough Collie Grooming Tools

    Rough Collies’ long fur requires significantly more attention than the shorter coat of their Smooth counterparts. Here is a list and assessment of some basic rough collie grooming tools to help…

  • Collie Dog Cat Duo
    Fun Stories

    Collies to the Rescue!

    The ancestors’ of our present-day Collies were famous for their ability to locate lost sheep on the Highland moors of Scotland. In many of our modern Collies, this search-and-rescue instinct is…

  • Stories

    Jason, the Hero Collie

    When Constantinos first laid eyes on Jason, little did he know the small bundle of puppy-fluff would one day risk its life to keep him safe. The tiny pup destined to secure…

  • Smooth Collie Dog Drop Out

    Guide Dog Dropout

    Meeting the Dropout When we went to the dog park, I noticed a happy dog approaching the gate to greet us. I excitedly asked Emerson, “Is that a Smooth Collie? It…

  • Collie Gus in the Field

    My Canine American Icon

    Celebrity Association My dog gets cat-called more than I do. I can’t take him anywhere without cries of “Lassie!” inundating my ears. Gus, my vain and glorious Collie, thrives on the…