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Rough Collie Gus posting

What is a Rough Collie?

Collies are frequently portrayed as the ideal dog, a virtual canine paragon...

Gus Parasite Protection

Parasite Protection for dogs with the MDR1 Gene

MDR1 is a drug sensitivity that affects the majority – approximately 70%-75%...

Rough Collie Grooming Tools

Rough Collie Grooming Tools

Here is a list and assessment of some basic rough collie grooming tools...

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Legacy of a Rescue Collie

Left tied to a stake on a busy interstate median by someone...

Sassy Lassie

Sassy Lassie, the Rough...

My guide dog enhances my independence and enriches and impacts my life in ways that I cannot put into words.

Runa Service Collie

Collie at Your Service

He lived through several years of mental, physical, and sexual abuse...