5 Reasons Rough Collies Make Great Pets

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Do Rough Collies make great pets? Yes, Rough Collies make great pets for adults and children, singles, families and first-time owners alike. For decades, Lassie the Collie was such a popular TV star that Rough Collies are now often called “Lassie Dogs.” Although there are many ways “Lassie Collies” make wonderful family dogs, here are five reasons why…

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1. They are Extremely Loyal

Are you looking for a loyal and affectionate companion that will stand by your side through thick and thin? Look no further than the Rough Collie. These intelligent and beautiful dogs have captured the hearts of many with their unwavering loyalty.

Rough Collies are known for their loyalty for several reasons. Firstly, they are a breed that has been bred for centuries to work closely with humans, which has given them a strong attentiveness to their people. Secondly, they are extremely intelligent and have a deep understanding of human emotions. They are able to pick up on our moods and respond accordingly, which helps to strengthen the bond between them and their owners. Thirdly, Rough Collies are very affectionate and love nothing more than spending time with their human family.

Rough Collie puppy

2. They are Very Intelligent

Rough Collies are highly intelligent dogs, capable of learning and performing a wide range of tasks. They have a natural ability to understand their owners and are sensitive to their emotions, making them excellent Service Dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals. Their emotional intelligence also makes them very responsive to training. 

Don’t let all that fur fool you! Many Rough Collies excel in obedience, agility, herding, and a variety of competitions. They are very versatile. If you’re looking for a companion who can participate in dog sports, you might consider a Scottish Collie. Scottish Collies are an old-fashioned version of Rough Collies, also referred to as the more old-type “farm Collie.” They tend to have less thick fur, which many people consider more practical.

One of the most remarkable things about Rough Collies is their ability to problem solve. They have been known to figure out how to open doors, retrieve objects, and even navigate their way out of tricky situations. This problem-solving ability is a testament to their intelligence and makes them highly entertaining companions.

Rough Collie portrait

3. They are Affectionate

Rough Collies are known for their beautiful coat, intelligence, and loyalty. But perhaps the most endearing trait of Rough Collies is their affectionate nature. These dogs love to be around their humans, and they will go to great lengths to show their love and devotion.

Rough Collies are incredibly social dogs, and they thrive on human interaction. They are happiest when they are with their humans, and they will often follow them around the house to be near them. They are also known for their cuddliness, and they love nothing more than snuggling up with their humans on the couch.

Collie dog lying down on autumn forest with golden leaves at sunlight

4. They are Great With Kids

Rough Collies are a great choice for families with children. Known for their gentle natures, they are great with kids of all ages. They are patient and tolerant and will put up with a lot of roughhousing and playtime.

In addition to their gentle natures, they are also highly adaptable. They can live in a variety of environments, from apartments to large homes with yards. Rough Collies are also great with other pets, including cats and other dogs.

Long-Haired Collie

5. They are Easy to Train

Rough Collies are incredibly intelligent dogs and are known for their ability to quickly pick up new commands and tricks. This makes them ideal for obedience training, agility training, and other forms of advanced training. Due to their intelligence, they are able to quickly understand what is expected of them and respond accordingly, making them a breeze to train. This make Rough Collies great for first-time owners.

They want to make their owners happy, so they are motivated to learn and follow commands. This eagerness to please their owners makes them more receptive to training and more likely to respond well to training commands. With positive reinforcement and consistent training, Collies are quick to learn and willing to perform.

Portrait of rough collie, winter


Rough Collies are an excellent choice for families who want a loyal, affectionate, and intelligent dog. They are highly adaptable and easy to care for, and they make great family pets. With proper socialization, training, and care, a Rough Collie can be a wonderful addition to any home. If you are looking for a dog that will love you unconditionally, then a Rough Collie might be the perfect choice for you. And for those who want the Rough Collie personality but aren’t sure about dealing with all that fur, there is also a short-haired version called the Smooth Collie.

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Rough Collies make great pets
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